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Friday, 5 December 2014

Woodenclocks Links

I have collected together a number of links over the last couple of years all loosely related to research into clock making and materials used in wooden clocks plus other research for my Da Vinci site. All of this was collected on a site called Urlist, this was a nice asset for me as I could pass on a link to any one interested in where I got my clock materials from. Unfortunately Urlist is to close at the end of this year so I have decided to place all of those links here for any visitor to use so feel free to use the links in your own research.

·        All about wood

o   Inside Wood — Big Tech Database


·        Wooden clock Websites

·        Clock Parts

A list of materials used in the making of wooden clocks.

Pins and Dowels
·        Bearings
o   Modelcraft Grooved Ball Bearing 10mm OD 4mm Bore | Rapid Online — Bearings with removeadble sheild for lubrication
·        Clock Springs
o   Cousins UK - American Ansonia (Trifix) Clock Mainsprings — Springs for clocks 12,13,16 and 17
·        Screws etc
·        Router Cutters
o   Roundover Bit with Brass Pilot 38-002 — for breaking sharp edges
·        Plastic Materials
·        Carbon Fibre Tube
o   Carbon Fibre Tube - Pultruded - Easy Composites — For use as pendulum rod
·        Metals
o   Noggin End Metals, UK — Short lengths of Metal, Brass Steel Aumimium etc
·        Tools
o   Thread Cutting — A range of thread cutting solutions
·        Miscellaneous
o   Clock escapements — Evolution of the clock escapement mechanism
o   Roman Blind Cord — Cord for hanging the weight around 1.2mm diameter required
o   Blind and Shade String — Cord for hanging the weight around 1.2 mm

·        Plastics

o   Ema Models

·        Gear design

·        Art Nouveau

o   Art Deco or Art Nouveau? | Fauxology — The difference between the two styles explained
o Art Nouveau books that should be in your collection — List of books related to Art nouveau

·        Knotted/Interlaced Patterns

o   Croatian interlace - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia — The Croatian interlace or Croatian wattle
o   Endless knot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia — The endless knot or eternal
o — Tessellation Database
o   Voronoi
o   ram's horn

·        Rolling Ball Clocks

Rolling ball clocks and sculptures
o | AION — Large model in swiss watch shop
o   David Ralston — Ball clocks and a glass pearl clock
o   aBowman » Ball Clock — Virtual Clock

·        Medieval Tools and Weapons

o   Fig07_small.jpg (750×1191) — Naval swivel gun
o   Bow Drill — Article on bow drills
o   Medieval Tools | — List of info sources

·        Gun Mechanisms