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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Gear design software

Following from the last post the following list of sites offer Gear profile generators to create the gears for you.

This first Gear template can be used either on line or you can purchase a fuller more feature rich version for use on your PC. The output is to an HPGL format that can be used for direct printing .
One of the benefits of the paid for version is that it can export to DXF format

This software will provide templates for all manner of gears, ratchets and clock escapements along with the facility to adjust the profiles. Output as DXF files. This is not a free program but you can download a demo version to try it

eMachineShop is a Free 2D drawing package with a module for drawing gears, easy to use, you simply add the basic gear parameters and it draws the gear which can then be exported as a DXF file.
The program is free but unlike the first two programs it lacks the facility to see to the main gear and the pinion on-screen at the same time.
Simple Free program , input gear parameters and then save as DXF.

This is a program to generate tooth profiles in an epicyclic form rather than the more generally used involute form. For a description of the difference see the following:-

Comparison Between Involute and Cycloidal Gears
The output from this program is in DXF format and can be viewed in a browser.


  1. Thanks a lot for your information. I've used a couple of software that is free software / open source They are Inkscape: very easy to use. and FreeCAD as well easy to use.